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Case IH offers a wide variety of tractors, delivering the power and efficiency you need to get the job done! From the smaller Farmall Series that offers compact dimensions, ease of operation and manoeuvrability, through to the powerful Steiger Series with maximum horsepower for larger implements plus articulated steering.

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tick  Austoft Sugar Cane Harvesters

The high performance of Case IH sugarcane harvesters results from over 50 years of product research and development, and significant investments to offer advanced solutions to the sector.

The technological innovations offered by our harvesters provide not only high productivity and reliability, but also contribute to delivery of a raw material in accordance with industry specifications.

Hay Equipment

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Case IH haytools include balers, windrowers, and mower conditioners - and they're designed to handle heavy crops with ease.

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Application Equipment

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Case IH application equipment includes the industry-leading Patriot Series sprayers, along with the AIM Command Spray System, to help producers achieve maximum efficacy and protect their crops. Designed for structural rigidity and operator comfort. Early Riser planters feature agronomic design to give emerging crops the best start.

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Advanced Farming Systems

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At Case IH precision farming is known as Advanced Farming Systems (AFS). Case IH was a pioneer in developing advanced farming technology and continues to be a market-leader for ease of use and productivity benefits. Tools include automated hands-free steering and guidance capabilities on tractors, combines and sprayers; prescription planting, mapping and variable rate technology capabilities on planters, sprayers and seeders; and more.


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